Study Abroad: Dustin Wittman

Dustin in front of the Bundestag in Berlin.

Students in the College of Business and Technology (CBT) are taking advantage of Eastern Kentucky University’s study abroad programs. CBT students are studying abroad through a variety of affiliates and exchange programs.

Following is the next in the Study Abroad Series aimed at sharing students’ life-changing experiences studying abroad through EKU. 

Study Abroad Series: Part Six – Dustin Wittman

Q - What is your major? Are you currently a junior or senior, and when is your expected graduation date?

A – My major is Aviation with a concentration in Aerospace Management. I am a Junior and my expected graduation date is technically 2017, but I hope to be done before that.

Q - Where did you go?

A – I am (currently) studying in Schmalkalden, Germany.

Q - Did you take a course and earn academic credit that transferred back to EKU?

A - I am currently taking courses and hopefully they transfer.  Im awaiting course descriptions.

Q - Was your experience through the Magellan Exchange – or some other study abroad program?

A – I am on exchange through Magellan.

Q - How long did you study abroad? 

A - I will be studying here for one year.

Q - Why did you decide to study abroad?

A – I decided to study abroad because I really want to travel and I believe Aviation is a global industry that requires knowledge about the rest of the world.

Q - How did you decide to go to that particular location?

A – I had two options for Germany, Aachen ans Schmalkalden. I know someone that went to Aachen and it's located next to the Netherlands where I've been before. So, Schmalkalden was unique and I wanted an adventure. Also the town is in the center of Germany, so I believe it's a good opportunity to see more of the country and Europe.

Q - What were three of the most important things you learned from your experience studying abroad?

A – Three things learned so far: People are fundamentally the same no matter their nationality or culture. If you don't leave your comfort zone you won't truly experience the world. My group of friend's includes a Finnish girl, a girl from Russia, Belgium, Columbia, Alabama, USA, and the guys are from Turkey, Mexico, and of course, Germany. I've also seen the importance of English in the world of business, politics, and relationships. I guess you could say I have a new respect and observance of how lucky I am to be a native English speaker while others have to study it for years.

Q - What was your favorite and least favorite part of your abroad experience?

A - So far my favorite part of the exchange is my group of friends. We're very unique compared to the homogeneous groups of nationalities. My least favorite part is just the minor struggle of living in a very small town, but with a free train pass I can’t complain too much.

Q - What did you gain from studying abroad that has changed you as a person and professional?

A – Refer to 8 (What were three of the most important things you learned from your experience studying abroad?).

Q - Would you recommend other College of Business and Technology students to study abroad? Why or why not?

A – I absolutely recommend others to study abroad. To see the rest of the world and others views is vital in business and technology.

Q – Who do students contact if they are interested in studying abroad?

A – Jennifer White in the international office on the fourth floor of the SSB (Whitlock Building).

Q – What advice would you give to College of Business and Technology students before they go study abroad?

A - Save up plenty of money and study the visa laws carefully. Also, keep an open mind. Be patient, but also vigilant in finding answers.

Q – Since you have not graduated, how is your study abroad experience helping you with your job search?  How has it helped you network with potential employers?

A - Well I expect it will separate me from the rest in showing that I can adapt and survive a year in an unfamiliar place.

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Students interested in studying abroad may contact Jennifer White at the Study Abroad Office in the Whitlock Building, Room 455, to discuss all the program options. Jennifer can be contacted via phone at 859-622-1705 or by email at

Find out more about the Aviation major. Contact Mr. Ralph Gibbs, Director of the EKU Aviation Program via phone at 859-622-1014 or by email at

Published on November 10, 2014