Study Abroad: David Prewitt

David Prewitt with friends in Germany

Students in the College of Business and Technology (CBT) are taking advantage of Eastern Kentucky University’s study abroad programs. CBT students are studying abroad through a variety of affiliates and exchange programs.

Following is the next in the Study Abroad Series aimed at sharing students’ life-changing experiences studying abroad through EKU. 

Study Abroad Series: Part Fourteen – David Prewitt

Q -  What is your major? Are you currently a junior or senior, and when is your expected graduation date?

A - International Business; May 2016

Q - Where did you go?

A - ​Schmalkalden, Germany

Q - Did you take a course and earn academic credit that transferred back to EKU?

A - Yes

Q - What study abroad organization was your trip through (Magellan Exchange, CCSA, KIIS, etc.)?

A - Magellan Exchange

Q - How long did you study abroad?  

A - Roughly 3 weeks (19 days)

Q - Why did you decide to study abroad?

A - I have always been fascinated with traveling this is why I chose International Business. It also was a very affordable trip and fit with my schedule for the summer.

Q - How did you decide to go to that particular location?

A - It aligned with the time I had allotted for a study abroad program for the summer. I was limited to time due to other obligations.

Q - What were three of the most important things you learned from your experience studying abroad?

A - Never judge a book by its cover. Be open-minded and patient. Networking is key to building relationships in business.

Q - What was your favorite and least favorite part of your abroad experience?

A - Favorite= Being able to see all the vast history Germany has to offer from the beautiful country land to the big, fast-paced cities. Also being able to meet and connect with hundreds of students from all over the world, I still keep in contact with them in group messaging.

Least favorite: The initial culture shock upon landing at the airport. My buddy Spencer Stanley who is also an EKU student and I struggled figuring out how the train system worked. We are both some country boys from Kentucky who never has used public transportation. Did not help any having to translate German either on our first big city experience. We hopped on the wrong train initially that was going in the complete opposite direction we needed to go, but we found some German students who knew English and they helped us get to where we needed to be. Crazy experience, but it was funny looking back on it now, but at the time we were frustrated.

Q - What did you gain from studying abroad that has changed you as a person and professional?

A - I was humbled by the experience. Being dropped in a different country with different values, different culture, and a different language forced me to adapt quick. There were things I was so used to having easily at my disposal in America that wasn’t always the case for Germany. I was able to see the world from the eyes of another culture different from my own and it was an experience I’ll never forget and appreciate for the rest of my life. I wish I was in Germany and plan to find myself back there one day.

Q - Would you recommend that other College of Business and Technology students study abroad? Why or why not?

A - YES YES YES!!!! There is nothing like seeing the world! Every student should take the risk and opportunity if it is offered to go! You’ll be fine and you will learn a lot about another culture(s) as well as learn more about yourself. Take the leap of faith and GO!

Q - Who do students contact if they are interested in studying abroad? 

A - ​EKU Study abroad office in the Keith building. Ms. Jennifer White will square you away, she’s the Talk to any of the professors on campus and they will point you in the right direction but you can start at the Study abroad/International office now located in the Keith building.

Q - What advice would you give to College of Business and Technology students before they study abroad?

A - Study your travel. Know basic taboos, basic sayings, etc about the country you are entering. Some things that are normal to an American may not be for where you are going. Also have various sources of accessing the currency. Try to use cash as much as possible so you can regulate your budget to wherever you go.

Q - Since you have not graduated, how is your study abroad experience helping you with your job search?  How has it helped you network with potential employers?

A - It is hard for me to answer this due to the fact I am in the military and upon graduation I will go wherever the Army sends me. For a traditional student though, this experience was great because I was able to network with lots of students everywhere so if you want to move or go somewhere one of your many friends you will make lives they may be able to point you in the right direction to get where you want to be.

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Students interested in studying abroad may contact Jennifer White in the Education Abroad Office in the Keith Building, Room 129, to discuss all the program options. Jennifer can be contacted via phone at 859-622-1705 or by email at

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Published on September 28, 2015