Study Abroad: Audrey Midkiff

In front of the Berlin Cathedral

Students in the College of Business and Technology (CBT) are taking advantage of Eastern Kentucky University’s study abroad programs. CBT students are studying abroad through a variety of affiliates and exchange programs.

Following is the next in the Study Abroad Series aimed at sharing students’ life-changing experiences studying abroad through EKU. 

Study Abroad Series: Part Three – Audrey Midkiff

Q -  What is your major? Are you currently a junior or senior, and when is your expected graduation date?

A - ​I am a Public Relations major with a minor in International Studies, December 2015

Q - Where did you go?

A - ​Berlin, Germany 

Q - Did you take a course and earn academic credit that transferred back to EKU?

A - ​Yes, I took a History course on the Holocaust.

Q - Was your experience through the Magellan Exchange – or some other study abroad program?

A - ​KIIS (Kentucky Institute for International Study)

Q - How long did you study abroad?  

A - ​June 2 - July 2

Q - Why did you decide to study abroad?

A - ​I have always known studying abroad is something I wanted to experience. With my minor I had the option of studying abroad for some of my credits, so I jumped on the opportunity! 

Q - How did you decide to go to that particular location?

A - ​I have always been drawn to Germany's past. I love history, particularly learning about WWII. 

Q - What were three of the most important things you learned from your experience studying abroad?

  • ​I want to become fluent in another language. 
  • It is important to step outside of your comfort zone in order to grow as a person.
  • I want to see as much of the world as I possibly can! 

Q - What was your favorite and least favorite part of your abroad experience?

A - ​My favorite part was being able to have the weekends to ourselves and explore the beautiful Country. My least favorite was writing the papers for our classes. 

Q - What did you gain from studying abroad that has changed you as a person and professional?

A - ​It is important to stay open minded when it comes to cultures and customs that are different that what we may be used to. 

Q - Would you recommend that other College of Business and Technology students study abroad? Why or why not?

A - ​DEFINITELY! It was a life changing experience that I hope I am able to have again in the future. 

Q - Who do students contact if they are interested in studying abroad? 

A - ​The Study Abroad office in SSB (Whitlock).

Q - What advice would you give to College of Business and Technology students before they study abroad?

A - ​Pack light. You want to have the extra room to bring things back with you! Keep an open mind and don't waste your time sleeping in. There is way too much to see and explore! 

Q - If you have graduated, do you have a job?  How did the study abroad experience help you land your first job? If you have not graduated, how is your study abroad experience helping you with your job search? How has it helped you network with potential employers?

A -​​I think having the study abroad experience will help me stand out among other potential employees. It is something I am very passionate about. 

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Find out more about Study Abroad:

Students interested in studying abroad may contact Jennifer White at the Study Abroad Office in the Whitlock Building, Room 455, to discuss all the program options. Jennifer can be contacted via phone at 859-622-1705 or by email at

Find out more about the Public Relations major. Contact Dr. Fran Dickson, Chair of the Department of Communication via phone at 859-622-1871 or by email at

Published on October 09, 2014