Fall CBT Convocation Student Speaker and Banner Bearers Selected

Horace Hunter prepares for takeoff

EKU's College of Business and Technology is pleased to announce its student speaker and banner bearers for the Fall 2017 Convocation ceremony.

In a combined ceremony, CBT will celebrate graduating students along with the College of Education and the College of Science. The evening ceremony will take place on Friday, December 15th, at 6:00 p.m., in EKU's Alumni Coliseum. An After Party will follow in the Fred Darling Gym immediately after graduation.

At the fall graduation, the College of Business and Technology honors nearly 200 degree candidates with bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and associate degrees.

Speaking on behalf of the graduating class will be Horace Hunter. An aviation professional flight major from Lexington, Ky., Hunter is highly regarded by faculty and students alike. He is known as 'an exceptionally hardworking, studious individual' by his professors, which became apparent when he completed his certificates and ratings faster than any other student in EKU Aviation history. That hard work paid off when he earned a coveted internship with Ward-Kraft's corporate flight department. Hunter is also an active member and fundraising chair for Alpha Eta Rho, the aviation academic fraternity.

Banner bearers for the fall ceremony have also been named. Tessa Aminetzah, an international business major from Ravenstein, The Netherlands, will lead the college bearing the CBT banner. As an international student, Tessa has dared herself to see beyond her own borders of control, knowledge, and social comfort zone to use her EKU experience to empower her to "make the ordinary extraordinary." After graduation, she hopes to stay in the United States to pursue advanced education and a career in international business.

Jeffrey K. Zotter, a professional flight major from Southwick, Mass., will carry the banner for the School of Applied Science and Technology. Jeff remembers the feeling of 'home' when he first stepped on to EKU's campus. He says, "I’ve already received four job offers for full time employment as a pilot. This is partly thanks to faculty who have been leaders in the field of aviation and have selflessly decided to give back to the next generation by becoming professors for our University."

Brandon J. Frimature, corporate communication and technology graduate from Lancaster, Ky., will lead School of Business students with their banner. As a military veteran, Brandon shared his leadership and unique perspective in the classroom. Both he and his wife are finishing up their bachelor's degrees at EKU and look forward to advancing their careers in the civilian sector. He said, "It has been an honor watching this school transform into what it is today and seeing so many of my fellow students graduate and move on to successful careers. Now it is time to move on to the next stretch of my journey. The tools and relationships I have acquired while here at EKU will follow me through the rest of my personal and professional life."

Immediately following the ceremony, an After Party will be held in the Fred Darling Gym (adjacent to Alumni Coliseum) to celebrate EKU's newest alumni. Graduates, families and friends, faculty and staff are invited for ice cream and socializing featuring CBT's Biz-Tec Blast custom blend ice cream from Mad Scoops. Jason Henninger from Kentucky DJ Pros will bring upbeat tunes to cap off the evening.

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Published on October 09, 2017