Come Home for a "Little Taste of Eastern" at EKU Homecoming Tailgate

CBT Dean Tom Erekson (right) with Mad Scoops manager & the giant inflatable cone

It's become an EKU Homecoming tradition - Biz-Tec Blast at the CBT Tailgate. It's almost instantaneous. As soon as the giant Mad Scoops inflatable ice cream cone appears, a steady stream of excited Homecoming fans find their way to a "Little Taste of Eastern" with CBT's special blend of Biz-Tec Blast ice cream.

The College of Business and Technology partners with Richmond’s local ice cream shop, Mad Scoops, to produce the Biz-Tec Blast ice cream flavor that is now available for purchase. This maroon colored ice cream is a combination of chocolate, berry, and truffle flavors along with EKU’s own Meadowbrook Farm milk and has become a popular favorite since it's introduction at the 2015 Homecoming Tailgate.

Throughout the afternoon, Dean Tom Erekson will gave away around 500 scoops of the special flavor to visitors. “This is something that is out of the box,” Erekson says. “Biz-Tec Blast shows the innovative side of our college and I hope other people see this as well.”

Joining in the Homecoming fun at Tailgate will be the Army ROTC Cadets as well as EKU's Risk Management and Insurance program who will be hosting separate tailgate areas for their alumni. EKU Agriculture will host their annual chili cookoff at the Carter Building.

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We cannot wait to see you at #EKUHC2017!

Published on September 05, 2017