2006 CBT Distinguished Alumni Selected

Back: Cobb, Vice, Norwitz; Front: Jarboe, Lodge, Crume (Mr. Adams not pictured)

The College of Business and Technology is pleased to announce Distinguished Alumni for 2005-2006.

Each academic department nominates alumni who have become successful in their field. From that group, department faculty select a single individual who not only exhibits excellence in their chosen profession but also brings credit to the University through professional achievement and personal accomplishment.

These outstanding alumni were honored at the annual CBT Professional Skills Conference Senior Recognition Luncheon on April 7, 2006.

Department of Accounting, Finance and Information Systems

Mr. William E. Adams ('40 Bachelor of Business, Military Science Minor) - Accounting, Finance and Information Systems

Department of Agriculture

Dr. Joli M. Jarboe ('89 BA Animal Science, DVM) - Agriculture

Department of Communication

Ms. Heather Lodge (96 BA Broadcasting and Mass Communication) - Communication

Department of Management, Marketing & Administrative Communication

Mr. L. Martin Cobb (96 BBA Marketing, MBA) - Management, Marketing and Administrative Communication

Department of Military Science and Leadership

Prof. Jeffrey H. Norwitz ('74 BS Criminal Justice, Military Science Minor, MA) - Military Science and Leadership

Department of Technology

Ms. Phyllis Crume ('83 BS Industrial Technology, Business Minor) - Technology

Published on April 07, 2006