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EKU is one of only a few universities in the country with an academic college housingThomas Erekson, Dean both AACSB-accredited business programs and an array of applied sciences programs, which have earned accreditation from ATMAE, ACCE, CAEP, and FAA.

The complexity of the College with its unique mix of programs is a competitive advantage for our students, faculty and corporate allies. The future economy will not be driven just by business, or just by technology, but rather by the intersection of business and technology. EKU, with its College of Business and Technology is strategically positioned to prepare our students to be leaders in Kentucky and the global economy.

The College has great people! And the academic programs in the College are strong - focused on student learning and preparing the students for professional careers and lifelong learning. Students are friendly, open, and engaged. They have chosen EKU for the quality and reputation of the programs, the campus and location, and in many instances, friends, parents and others who have attended EKU in the past have strongly recommended it as the place to get a great education.

If you would like to learn more about the College and its programs, or to visit campus, please contact me or one or our faculty or staff members. I hope to see you on campus in the near future.

Dr. Thomas Erekson, Dean
EKU College of Business and Technology

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